CMCF supports Neonatology Fellowships in the following Ukrainian medical institutions:

  • Children’s Hospital #1 Kamyanets-Podilsky
  • Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University
  • Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Perinatal Center
  • Khmelnytsky Municipal Perinatal Center
  • Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital
  • Lviv City Hospital #3
  • Lviv City Municipal Clinical Maternity Hospital
  • Lviv Railway Hospital
  • Lviv Regional State Administrative Department of Health
  • Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital
  • Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital
  • Lviv Regional Perinatal Center
  • Novojavorivs’k Raion Hospital #1
  • Sokal Central Raion Hospital
  • Stryj Maternity Hospital

Historical Highlights

  • 2000 – CMCF supports translation of Neonatology Handbook for dissemination in Ukraine. The original textbook was written by Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and than translated into Ukrainian, it was published and distributed in 2002.
  • 2000 – CMCF supports four Neonatology Fellows from Ukraine to train with Professor Ryszard Lauterbach, Jagiellonian University, Krakow.
  • 2004 – First Ukrainian Neonatal Resuscitation Training.  Dr. Jerry Marynuik reported to the CMCF Board that the joint sponsorship of the “Children of Lviv” Neonatology Program with the CAAU is developing according to plan and the neonatology manual has been printed. CMCF support first training called Neonatal Resuscitation Program developed by Professor Dobryansky scheduled for five doctors who will then train other doctors in Lviv.
  • 2008 – Professor Kasia Kornacka, Warsaw Medical University was the first Neonatal and Intensive Care Department to receive Ukrainian doctors under the CMCF sponsored International Medical Fellowship Program. This center has become one the leading Centers for Excellence for neonatologists.
  • 2011 Ukrainian Neonatologists and Surgeons attend training at Polish “Centers for Excellence” under the leaderships of previously trained CMCF Fellows: Neonatal and Intensive Care Department, Medical University of Warsaw (Professor Kasia Kornacka), Medical University of Gdansk (Professor Piotr Czauderna), and Upper Silesian Center for Child Health, Katowice (Professor Bohosiewicz). This is the perfect example of how CMCF Fellowship training transcends borders and has reached a wide range of children and infants suffering from illnesses.
  • 2011 New Team training concept initiated for Ukraine. CMCF approves funding for new concept of taking a team of doctors, five at a time to Poland’s Centers of Excellence for a two week period to learn how medical teams work together.