CMCF funds supplemental training visits to leading medical universities throughout the US, Poland and Western Europe to pediatric specialists seeking to improve their medical skills, thereby advancing the quality of care given to infants and children in their local community.

Aspiring fellows should complete the online CMCF application form. 

  • Only pediatric specialties will be considered for CMCF fellowships
  • Completed pediatric specialization or significantly advanced (at least 3 years experience in your specialty)
  • Demonstrated participation at professional society medical meetings, conferences and symposia.
  • Demonstrated efforts at writing articles, presenting papers and/or research projects.

The following documents will be required to be uploaded: 

  • Completed Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Letter of Intent-Description of your training objectives
  • Recommendation Letter-from applicant’s immediate Department Head or Professor
  • Invitation letter from Department Head or Professor of the training medical university
  • Certificate of Language Proficiency

Original copies of the Recommendation Letter, Invitation Letter and 2 color passport photos should also be mailed to the Country Managing Director.

Fellowship Report

  • Required within 30 days of completion of training
  • Electronic report available on website

Selection Process

  • Country Managing Director will manage application process

CMCF Fellowship Application