Polish Pediatric Program

To date, CMCF has provided funding and arranged logistics for over 140 intensive medical trainings stays, known as fellowships. The most promising physicians from Poland gain exposure and expertise to the latest practices in Neonatal and Pediatric medicine has to offer-in terms of scientific knowledge, treatment techniques and best practices. The Polish Pediatric Program incorporates various medical specialization areas that CMCF has focused funding on over the past years. Poland designated certain medical institution to be identified as Centers of Excellence in their medical specialization. Over past few decades, CMCF has supported the training of doctors at designated Centers of Excellence as well as funded Fellowships for doctors from Ukraine to attend training at these Centers noted below. In summary, CMCF is very proud of the work that has been accomplished by many of the Polish leading physicians who received a helping hand with their training. Their hard work has resulted in international collaborations that have benefited vast numbers of children throughout Eastern Europe.  Our joint partnerships have been instrumental in changing the medical culture of Poland over time and, will, with diligence, and persistence, benefit the rest of Eastern Europe, as well.