What We Do

_87B5051 (1)Children’s Medical Care Foundation  (CMCF) is a medical knowledge-based foundation whose focus is on sharing medical knowledge that, along with being directly implemented in patient care, will be shared with colleagues in a medical institution or region.  CMCF funds and arranges for supplemental specialized training of pediatric physicians and other high-expertise allied health personnel from nations with less advanced health care delivery systems at some of the leading medical institutions in the world.

CMCF supports the creation of “International Medical Bridges” between medical institutions, professors and department heads by funding Fellowships that establish relationships that continue beyond the initial training period.  It accomplishes this in a number of ways:


CMCF supports Fellowships for supplemental specialized medical training to promising physicians. These Fellowships are arranged at leading medical institutions and universities in the United States, Western Europe and Australia.

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Journals and Textbooks

CMCF funds publication, translation and dissemination of pediatric handbooks. It also underwrites the dissemination of medical journals subscription and mailing costs of a variety of medical journals and textbooks to participating country pediatric programs.

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Collaborative Research

CMCF funds Fellowships for physicians participating in specialized research that will both advance the pediatric medical field and enhance the skills of the Fellow.

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In the process of arranging expertise-sharing opportunities for promising physicians, CMCF cultivates collaborative relationships with medical institutions.  These partnerships form a network of international medical bridges, and foster new initiatives and joint research.

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