CMCF New Efforts

CMCF Supports First Ever Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center in Ukraine

In 2013, CMCF supported Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital with their planning for the first new “Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center” in Ukraine.  CMCF approves a contract on August 17, 2013 between Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital, represented by Dr. Dmytro Kvit, Head of Lviv City Children’s Hospital, Karpiel Consulting Group, Inc. and CMCF, represented by Bjoern Martinoff, President, to fund the planning phase for establishing first ever “Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center” in Ukraine. Contract provides for physical and medical needs assessment to establish pediatric emergency and trauma care and other related factors including education evaluation of emergency and trauma staff as well as identifying emergency educational opportunities for physicians, nurses and support staff.

Evaluation of CMCF’s Impact in Poland and Ukraine

The first evaluation of the impact of CMCF’s activities in Poland and Ukraine was completed in 2013.  CMCF facilitated contacts for Natalia Romuzga’s MPH (Claremont College) in her efforts to complete the first evaluation research on various CMCF funded programs, successes and limitations in Poland and Ukraine. This research provides valuable data on the long term impact of CMCF’s efforts.  (Read More)