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Ukraine’s Ministry of Health signs the Memorandum of Understanding

On September 25, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine signed the Memorandum of Understanding and cooperation with the Children’s Medical Care Foundation.
This is the first step towards cooperation aimed at increasing the level of provision of neonatal care in Ukraine through the introduction of advanced neonatal practices that have proven effectiveness.

“For us, the cooperation and support provided to Ukrainian doctors by the Children’s Neonatology Foundation for Children is important. After all, we understand that it is precisely from the level of training of the doctor and his desire for self-improvement that depends on the patient’s life and health, therefore, investment in training and high-quality knowledge of doctors are really invaluable, “stressed the acting. Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun. View More

About the Health of the Youngest Patients

The first lady met on Monday at the Presidential Palace with Bjoern Martinoff, the president of the Children’s Medical Care Foundation and his wife Jolanta Martinoff. They were accompanied by prof. Maria Katarzyna Borszewska-Kornacka, head of the Neonatology Clinic of the Warsaw Medical University in the. Ks. Anna Mazowiecka.
For more than 30 years, the Children’s Medical Care Foundation has helped significantly in the development of Polish medicine by providing training and support for the research of Polish neonatologists, pediatric oncologists, anesthesiologists and pediatric surgeons in world renowned medical centers. View More

Children’s Medical Care Foundation partners with California Association to Aid Ukraine to Raise Funds

In August, 2014, Children’s Medical Care Foundation partners with California Association to Aid Ukraine to initiate planning for a fundraising event in spring in support of the realization of the first “Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center” in all of Ukraine, located at the Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital.   

The Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital has steadily distinguished itself as a regional leader in pediatric care, and this Capital Campaign, with its preliminary budget estimate of $1.5 million, will fund renovation of four floors, including associated furnishings and medical accessories, enabling it to treat a greater proportion of the nation’s most serious pediatric healthcare challenges.  Donated medical equipment has already been secured.  View More

First Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center in Ukraine

In 2013, CMCF supported the Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital (LCCCH) with its planning for the first new “Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center” in Ukraine.  CMCF approves a contract on August 17, 2013 between Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital, represented by Dr. Dmytro Kvit, Head of LCCCH, Karpiel Consulting Group, Inc. and CMCF to fund the planning phase for establishing first ever “Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center” in Ukraine.  Contract provides for physical and medical needs assessment to establish pediatric emergency and trauma care and other related factors including education evaluation of emergency and trauma staff as well as identifying emergency educational opportunities for physicians, nurses and support staff.

Evaluating CMCF’s Impact in Poland and Ukraine

As part of her masters study in Global Health at Claremont Graduate University, Natalia Romuzga, MPH recently completed a qualitative analysis of CMCF’s three-decade long impact on the pediatric healthcare delivery systems of Poland and Ukraine. Relying on in-country interviews with over 50 practicing physicians in both Eastern European nations who were the beneficiaries of CMCF-sponsored training earlier in their careers, Ms. Romuzga examined the country-specific challenges that CMCF has faced in attempting to bring health care of the very young into parity with that offered in the West. The data collected suggest that training through the CMCF has resulted in knowledge diffusion that has led to positive health outcomes for infants and children in both Poland and Ukraine; however, a large gap still exists between knowledge acquisition and the translation of knowledge into practice through the dissemination of innovative methods, particularly in regard to Ukraine.